Friday, April 17, 2009

If I could live anywhere forever it would be..........

New Orleans without a doubt, with my hometown of Chicago coming in a close second. The Big Easy is a mecca for a foodie. Especially a foodie with a passion for all things southern. Even as I type this blog New Orleans still suffers the indignity of not getting a better response from the government and its citizens during Hurricane Katrina. With that being said residents of the Big Easy have found some sort of confidence and hope that further solidifies the fact that it is my new love affair. If it's not a Hurricane(The Famous Drink), the salty brine from a fresh oyster or a catfish po-boy, it is still a wonderful place to go and eat and relax. Thinking about New Orleans got me to make a steaming pot of Gumbo(I promise to post pictures and a recipe). I love the simple nature of a chocolate roux flavored with the trinity of celery, onions, and bell peppers. Some stock homemade of course, but in a pinch store bought is just as good. Some poultry,sausage a few herbs and you got it. Something so simple could change your outlook on the day. It is a wonder how people whose cuisine was influenced by Acadians,Spanish,African,French and Indian cultures remain so resilient. But I guess if you take all the struggles from all those cultures, the short comings they had to overcome, you may then understand and know New Orleans will rise again.


  1. I have been going to NoLa for 40 yrs. and never get tired of the place. I have eaten at over 100 restaurants from hole-in-the-wall neighborhood places to Galatoire's. I have a chef friend in Detroit who has the same feelings and goes there often. I lived in Houston for 17 yrs. and went to NoLa every monthe at least once. Lets talk about the place.

  2. Keith I am posting this for Bill Moran aka Texas Chef, he is having trouble posting.

    "I was not a spice trader in NoLa. I was a food broker in Houston and as such I represented a spice importer/blender/packer. I sold their bulk spices to distributors, food manufacturers, and ship suppliers. After 3/4 yrs. they started blending and packaging my own label Texas Chef."