Sunday, July 19, 2009

A 5 day dinner plan for $13.00 per day...............What!

That's right 5 dinners for $13.00 per day. Now many of you may say that's easy $13.00 for a family of three is nothing, and I would say yeah you are correct. But it is a family of seven, yeah that's right a family of seven. We are talking about 5 adults 2 kids and sometimes a dog. On $13.00 a day not a penny more, now I can go under that price but not over. I have to get the whole meal from the store, staples and dry ingredient included. If I have a ingredient in my pantry I can use it, so the menu is created around some of my staples but not all of them. I deliberately started this challenge on the day I was to suppose to grocery shopping, just tomake interested. So to say that we will be eating lavishly is probably a understatement but I will not sacrifice taste and flavor to justify only spending $13.00 dollars per day. This is still Budget Cooking Chef and I plan on really focusing my energy on performing at a very high level.
I have planned a very eccentric meal plan for the week while maintaining my own personal standards. To me this is simply another way to express my philosophy and my personal creed of budget cooking, it just not that hard. You can knock your weeknight meals out of the park, and become the budget cooking chef in your family.


  1. wait a minute - 5 adults - I need a breakdown.

  2. 5 adults 2 kids that is the deal. The hardest part is just selection. I have to cook like a normal average cook. No homemade red sauce, sale items nothing fancy just what the average cook could reproduce. At the end of the week I will post a grocery list.

  3. Hey Keith,
    I loveeee your blog idea. It's really great especially for today's economy. I was planning on doing something similar, but definitely not cooking. Great blog!


  4. Keith,
    Was it enough food for the family of 7?

  5. It was in most cases more than enough food, It all worked out great. I am working on the grocery list and the follow up blog.